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About Us

We are the provider of unique Technology and Machinery to print on flat surfaces like Tiles, Marble, Granite, Glass, Wood and Gypsum Board and so on..

Our Mission

in every region that we work in, is to establish and maintain long term relationships with our clients and our supply chain.

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Our Services

Innovative business

We provide an opportunity to start an innovative business to setup manufacturing unit.

Online Experience

Our clients can purchase their raw materials through our online portal which saves you time and money.

Pro Services & Advice

As we see our client as one of the lexy family member, we give valuable advice and utmost care after sales service.

Fresh business ideas

We periodically update our clients with fresh business ideas to take their business to the next level to meet the market needs.

Our advantages

20 Years of Experience

Since Lexy Print Innovate was founded we have been clear in our goal to always find an innovative solution and fulfill our client's satisfaction. Our well trained people are always stepping the extra mile for our clients; using their passion to bring fresh, innovative and sustainable ideas to the table and having the insight and commitment to see them through. As we have grown, we have remained directed toward our innovative vision. We see ourselves as our clients’ partner; challenging the status quo and always looking for solutions to be smarter, leaner and more cost-effective.

More than 10 Innovative Products

As a result of our continous research we have more than 10 innovative products which range from low budget to high range budget. Customers can adopt any of our unique printing technology according to their financial capabiltiy and circle of network.


Tiles/Marble/Granite Printing Machine


Glass & Wood Printing Machine


Instant Glass Printing Machine


Innovative Glass Printing Machine

Building new relationships

The relationships we have with our clients are incredibly valuable to us. Through new and repeat business, our clients have given us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise, deliver better solutions to their challenges and, in turn, develop our business

Our commitment to all of our clients

Our clients are as far-reaching and diverse as our expertise so we never provide an out-of-the-box answer to a challenge. Instead, we develop a bespoke solution, ensure our right people are involved throughout the project, and give our clients control and visibility every step of the way.

What our Clients Say

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