Testimonials of people who visited our factory

Mr. G. Raghul

Thenkanikottai, Krishnagiri (DT), Tamil Nadu

The Lexy Print Innovate shows a fascinating display of the state-of-the-art printed materials in Marble, Granite, Tiles,Wood, Glass and Gypsum Board. Very interesting, informative and thought provoking with lots of new technologies. The people who visits here without any knowledge, will get motivated to start a business after seeing such an amazing product lines.

Interested In : Tiles Printing

Mr. M. Venkatesh

Pidamanery, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

Great product, Great qaulity and Great customer service. You should be putting every other printing company out of business!

Interested In : Tiles Printing

Mr. D. Saravanan

Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Excellent Technology! Well organized printing process. I enjoyed the demo process every single second and renewed my perspectives, stand by stand. I concluded to join lexy family and fulfilled what I wanted, which would better meet my needs. I greatly recommend every business aspirant to visit lexy print innovate to get new level of memorable experience.

Interested In : Tiles Printing

Mr. R.M. Lakshmanan

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Lexy Printinnovate remains the only place to experience the full breadth and depth of unique printing applications and innovation. It remains a must attend business spot.

Interested In : Granite Printing

Mr. R. Senthil Kumar

Hosur (TK)

Great experience with Lexy Printinnovate! Lots of new printed materials and technologies to explore. Pretty much the only place in India, to see and find out about the entire breadth of the printing industry.

Interested In : Glass Printing

Mr. Ravinder Sahni

Meerut. Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Overall a great visit and a must for anyone already involved or started in printing, whether you are looking to purchase a printing machine or just explore your knowledge on the developments that are being made in 3D printing technology on an day to day experiment basis the Lexy Print is a great place to expand your knowledge.

Interested In : All Printing Technologies

Mr. S.Ramesh

Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu.

I’m looking to start a venture of my own at the moment and I currently don’t have much knowledge of the printing industry. I thought that Lexy Print Innovate is the perfect choice for me to get some advice and information on printing machines and technologies. "Visit To Lexy" which helped me a lot gathering innovative ideas.

Interested In : Wood Printing

Mr. Chandra Mohan

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Visiting Lexy Print Innovate opened up the mind to a whole set of new opportunities and ideas in printing industry that could take our investment decisions in a highly determined way, it was a real eye opener and a glimpse of the future. Thanks a lot!

Interested In : Tiles Printing

Mr. A. Krishnamoorthy

Tripur, Tamil Nadu.

Lexy is one of the providers of the best technology to print on tiles with world class equipments and tools. Their knowledgeable staff is quick, enthusiastic and very helpful with all our questions and doubts… from printing to marketing and office administration as well.

Interested In : Tiles Printing

Mr. A.Kannan

Tuticurin, Tamil Nadu.

There are many companies selling Printing Technology but not all are equal! We chose Lexy Print as our supplier of printing machinery due to their quality in matching our requirements, their technical knowledge and their support arrangements. We are confident we made the right choice.

Interested In : Tiles Printing

Mr.E Prabhakaran

Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Lexy Print has been in printing research for over 20 years. They offer the latest in printing technology, along with hard work and personalized service, to make them the best in the business.

Interested In : Tiles Printing

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